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Butter Popcorn

If you dream of BIG air popped kernels crisp and covered with butter topped with just the right amount of salt then you have come to the right place. We will satisfy your mouths passion for healthy popcorn options.
You will truly know the Secret’s out of the BAG!!!

Natural Cheese Popcorn

Natural Cheese popcorn that no microwave will ever match. Our Natural Cheese popcorn is BIG air popped kernels seasoned in our own secret recipe. We spared no expense with Aged Cheddar and Blue Cheese with butter and the secret amount of salt.

White Cheddar Popcorn

We have mastered the flavor of what White Cheddar Popcorn should be. Using what most say is a magical recipe we searched far and wide to develop a White Cheddar Popcorn that is set so far apart from the competition it will always be the standard for White Cheddar Popcorn…MSG FREE!!!!

Caramel Corn – Original

Caramel Corn cooked in small batches with every kernel coated with melted pure cane brown sugar, butter and packaged quickly to retain all the flavor we can put in a bag.
Also 2nd Place Winner of the 2001 Food Distribution Magazine over 75 manufactures in contest – yea it is that good. You can also enjoy a FAT FREE variety.

Caramel Corn – FAT FREE

Using our award winning recipe from our “Original” flavor our Fat Free Caramel Corn is cooked in small batches using the BIG air popped kernels generously coated in pure cane brown sugar, the finest vanilla and butter to give you a healthy option to treat your cravings. This is truly a Gourmet Fat Free Caramel Corn!!

Cheesey Habanero Popcorn

THIS IS WHAT we call HOT!!! Our Habanero Cheese Popcorn is also a Food Distribution Magazine award winning recipe. With the customers who have WILD tongues for spicy foods we created our Habanero Cheese Popcorn. At our family gatherings this Habanero Popcorn is always in hand.

Confetti Caramel Corn

Although the kids love this product and can’t seem to get enough of it we actually created this Confetti Caramel Corn recipe for the kids in all of US. Colorful and full of flavor. Each air popped kernel is colored and flavored with huckleberry, apple, watermelon and cherry. A burst of flavor that will keep your mouth coming back for more.

Kottn Kandy – Assorted Flavors

Using state of the art equipment our production staff blends over 400 pounds of color, flavor and pure cane sugar to get the kotton kandy any carnival or state fair would be proud of. We make a variety of flavors from Huckleberry to the world famous cherry. What is a party without Kotton Kandy!!

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